Bridge Island App Recensioni

If you want to play bridge online

This is the app you must check out. Its robots actually bid and play better than many real players, so you can actually learn how to play bridge with this app. Two suggestions 1. Don't exit after four players pass 2. When someone leaves the table, players can get a robot to join and continue.

good app

I really like this app. it's fun to play some enhance can make this app much better. 1. at the end, an option to replay with a specific bid, and choose N S E W , because some deal is really interesting and worth to play again

Bots cheat!

When playing against the bots, they cheat. They don't play blind to your cards, they know your cards and play around them! Also, the hands are not dealt completely randomly at all. You will have great difficulty making a low-bid simple hand against the bots. Be interesting to know the reason for programming it this way.

Terrible game......

I've been trying to like this program but it is awful. It freezes in the middle of a hand. You can't get rid of a player who is not making a move. It adds up the tricks before the cards are played. The scoring is completely wrong. It's a waste.

Simply awful!

Tiny graphics, poor layout, & generally awkward.

Okay, no how to's

I don't remember how to play...there are no how too's or rules! That's not helpful! I never want to play with people, just computer's so that's not an issue for me, and I have no idea if it's better :)

No players

The robot play is ok.

Black screen only

iPhone 3G: launch brings up black screen only. Please fix or refund $4.99.


Stopped working on iphone, launch to a black screen

Bridge Island

I downloaded this to play bridge online, because ipad does not support Adobe flash for Bridge Baseline Online. However the screen on this Bridge Island is tiny and there are only robots to play with. It needs to be upgraded to a bigger screen for ipad. Maybe then more real people will sign up to play instead of just robots. I am not real happy with this app. I would rate it 1 star.

Can't register doesn't worth the money, No support

I allready own ibridge baron and Omar Sharif. I was looking for some real players bridge game .. Paid the 5$. however I can't get pass the intial splash showing the app is loading then it just turn black!!! the Web Pictures looks nice but there isn't any support on the website.No one to contact and No way to Login. I would rate it 1 star waste of money and time

Sad can't use this App.

Downloaded. Tried to register but can never get past this screen. Nothing. Hope this can be fixed? The website pictures look nice. Will just keep checking for an update or I'm out of $4.99?

Great play

Great play. I'm excited for it to catch on. Stick with it when you do find a live player the play is excellent. And I enjoy playing against the bots as well. Get this app and let's start a great bridge community.

"live" action = failure

I already have Omar sharif bridge for automated play and was hoping this platform would allow me to play against others. Alas, there is never anybody to play with. In my opinion the app could be salvaged by allowing slow-motion one turn per day play like with scabble. People want to play casually, at their covenience, not wait for "prime time" so they can commit to a long "live" session.

Okay. I paid.

No humans and no robots! The setup is nicely done though. I agree with other poster for the ability to play on the PC or Mac online.

Nice Layout - but...

Need more players Need Robot players to fill in (like gamezone used to do) Ability to play on PC or Mac online Looks like it has potential to be very popular

No man is an island

Another week has passed on Bridge Island and still no other humans sited. Will no one wash ashore before my subscription runs out? Must tend to the signal fire.


There's never anyone to play with. A waste.

Bridge addicts

Coooool! Very good design and playing experience. Let's hope to have a lot of players soon to find mates any time.

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